European championship Even with a crash almost top10 for Ruben

Gepubliceerd op: 30 april 2013
European championship  Even with a crash almost top10 for Ruben

BERN – Ruben Scheire finished 11th at the European Championships. Before the race Ruben was anxious how his race would go because he was having some pelvic issues that affected his previous races.

“After the race in Val di Sole in Italy, I was very disappointed about my result and how the race went. It took me a while to be able to smile again. Even though I was convinced that I was up for it in Val di Sole. During training everything seemed fine.” Ruben mentioned the day before his encounter with Europe’s best mountain bike riders, to the Belgian journalist from Het Nieuwsblad.

“It is bugging me that I am doing everything I can. During training all seems fine but pushing the same maximal effort in a race and my pelvic starts to irritate again and has a negative power effect on my legs. I’m training to get it over with and getting medical attention for it as well. Meanwhile I’m waiting for that one ‘click’ as it gets back in place and I’m off to a good 2th part of the season. “ Mentioned the number five at the Europeans from 2012.

This Sunday Ruben had to settle with an 11t rank in the middle of the Swiss capital, Bern. After the race Ruben said; “I was riding top-ten after the start loop and before me a Swiss rider crashed and took me and some fellow riders to the ground. It took a lot of time to get back, as I had to fight back from the 25th position. I managed to get 11th, but I want more and know I can do better.” The Felt Edict Nine (full suspension Bike) did a great job here in Bern, it gave me more confides to encounter al the jumps. I will now fully focus on the Belgian Championships that take place on 21 of July in Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure. I am very much looking forward to it. So stay tuned!

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