Haiming HC Race

Gepubliceerd op: 4 mei 2014
Haiming HC Race

Lisa finished a well-deserved 7th rank at the Haut Catégorie Mountain bike race in Austrian Haiming.

The Otztal region was host for various mountain bike races. Last Friday Lisa participated in the Cross Country Eliminator (XCE) race, which was won by Lisa. On Sunday our girls should both have raced the Cross Country. Blaza skipped the race because she still suffers from a shoulder injury that she catch in South Africa. It seemed more logical to give it a bit more rest with the next two world cups in scope.

So in the famous Haiming race it was all up to our Austrian youngster. Lisa was very motivated to perform well and get a high rank. And with her good technical skills she was up for quite a challenge competing with former World champion Gunn Rita Dahle and Austrian Champion Lisi Osl.

Lisa started however started well and rode top-5 for a few rounds until she crashed had to get back into her rhythm and started overtaking riders, eventually finishing 7th. “I was very egger to do better, so I am not that happy with this 7th spot because I felt good for a better effort. Well I have no serious damage, so better luck next time”. Completed Lisa.

The Race was won by the Norwegian Gunn Rita Dahle.

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