Lisa Mitterbauer Makes entry in Eliminator

Gepubliceerd op: 30 mei 2014
Lisa Mitterbauer Makes entry in Eliminator

On Friday Lisa was ready for her first physical test after het crash in Nove Mesto. She started in the Cross Country Eliminator race.

In the qualifying she was able to pull off a stunning 7th time that got her in to the finals.
In the 8th finals she finished 2nd and could enter the 4th finals. This race she was up against Leading World Champion Alexandra Engen from Sweden. This seemed to be a tough battle to move to the next finals. Lisa did an amazing job, leading the whole lap until the paved asphalt finish where she got literally overtaken ‘in a blink of an eye’ by both Engen and Andrea Boe Jacobson from Norway.

“It is just like performance-poker. Not only the strongest rider win’s also the most sophisticated or skilled one can win it. Anyway it was a good performance and let’s learn something from it for the next encounter at the Europeans in Sankt Wendel”. Manager Robert Pintaric mentioned.

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