Robby 2th at Belgian Flanders Championships

Gepubliceerd op: 30 april 2013
Robby 2th at Belgian Flanders Championships

Robby de Bock led the Elite Men's race with Davy Huygens as his most likely threat. On top of the first climb Robby was looking to see who was gunning for him; Davy Huygens was a mere 3 seconds down

Huygens and de Bock continued to slug it out, swapping leads and effectively keeping well ahead of the rest of the rider pack, who were dangling in no man's land some 60 seconds or so back for most of the race.
Huygens, smelled the victory on the penultimate lap, as he managed to get away from de Bock before starting the Final lap.

Another rider, Patrick Godrie went full gas to try and reel in the two front runners, but it was useless. They simply had too much advantage. Robby is never one to relent; he dogged Huygens right up until the end, finishing 3 seconds down to Huygens.

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