Scheire fights himself in top-30 Albstadt

Gepubliceerd op: 2 juni 2014
Scheire fights himself in top-30 Albstadt

ALBSTADT After a very bad start due to glitches in front of him Ruben Scheire had to fight himself from the back of the peloton into the top-30 and the Feenstra p/b Kenda rider succeeded at last.

Scheire: “At the start there where some problems in front of me and that’s why I lost 20 or 30 places. Then I had to go full gas on every climb. Lap by lap I took 4 or 5 places.’’
After finishing 30th Scheire was completely exhausted. His 1,5 hour long battle at the beautiful and very crowded Word cup track in Albstadt was a very demanding race. Scheire knew this was the best result possible after losing a lot of time at the start. ,,This was the maximum result for this race but it’s good for my European Championships, for the World Championship and for my job at the Belgian army so know I am safe for the whole year.’’

9th rank for Klemenčič

Blaza Klemenčič takes it step by step. In South Africa she finished on rank 11, in Nove Mesto she made it to 10th position and in Albstadt she got hold tight on the 9th rank. Al ready on Cyprus earlier this year she made an impressive start. Then later in South Africa She crashed quite severely and even broke a shoulder bone. This the fracture was discovered late so she even did the race with in in SA, but afterwards took some time off for recovery and training on the rollers. In Nove Mesto however she showed to be back at the competition level, where she belongs. After the finish she was very excited to see that she shows such an upward trend. “I felt strong on the uphills and could gain a few places every lap. Luckily the track downwards was not this bumpy so the impact for my shoulder was doable. Once I saw German Champion Sabine Spitz in front, I pouched a bit more and made the 9th place with a comfortable lead. “Mentioned Blaza after her race.

Women U23 Mitterbauer ended up 12th in Albstadt. In the last lap she lost two places after a big struggle with her opponents but considering she crashed hard during training in Nove Mesto the week before, she did a great effort. After the finish she was so exhausted that she was down to the ground for several minutes. ,,I was dizzy for the whole race and the battle for 10th was very hard so I had to lay down but now I’m back’’, she said with a big smile. Mitterbauer hopes for a top-ten position in Sankt Wendel butt she knows that the competition will be hard. ,,I fought hard today and I will do the same in Sankt Wendel.’’

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