Schurter does it again, winning the Vallnord World Cup, De Bock 48th

Gepubliceerd op: 1 juni 2013
Schurter does it again, winning the Vallnord World Cup, De Bock 48th

This Saturday the Men Elite made quite an existing race in the famous ski region Vallnord, on a hot day in the mountains of Andorra.

Until the final lap Czech Rider Ondej Cink was racing for Gold, until the Swiss rider Nino Schurter ‘hit the gas’ and overtook Cink on the roots- and technical stone passages in the wooded section of the track. Cink could not coop with the technical skills of the Swiss rider and the race was decided.
Robby De Bock did a good job defending the Feenstra-Felt p/b Kenda Bike Team. The young Belgian started rank 65 and dropped a couple of places in the first lap. By finding a good pace and having constant lap times he managed to catch up with the riders in the top-50, eventually finishing 48th and thereby gaining a lot of UCI-Points.
De Bock’s comment says; “I can be satisfied with this result as my primer goal is riding top-50 with a few peeks in the top-30. The feeling today was not super, but that is probably caused by the high altitude. More riders suffered from it. I have to work on my starting position and downhill capacity’s. But you will see some nice results the upcoming months”.

On Friday, the day before Ruben Scheire and Thijs Zuurbier battled the high altitude mountain bike track (2000 meters and lack of oxygen) and elements (30 degrees). Scheire’s scoop was top-5, top-10. Based on his performance a week earlier at the Belgian championships he is in proper shape. Unfortunately he stocked on a 24th spot in the Men U23 race. “Last week I was definitely back on the level I should be, but today the feeling wasn’t. In the primary lap I lost a few spots, so I wanted to make that up in the following lap, but ‘blew up my engine’ while trying. The high altitudes really affected racings overhear. ” Mentioned Scheire. Also Scheire aims for some good results the upcoming period.
Teammate Thijs Zuurbier got hold on the 47th rank. “I had a bad start which putted me back (57) seriously and led to some jams in the narrow single tracks. As soon as the peloton was more riding apart, there was space to overtake and I was able to find a good rhythm and do some damage control, finishing 47th. Still finishing 2th Dutch guy.” Mentioned Zuurbier.

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