#Stage 3

Gepubliceerd op: 1 maart 2014
#Stage 3

Fabian Giger wins stage #3 of the Cyprus sunshine Cup.
Our riders Ruben Scheire and Robby de Bock made an good effort for the overall ranking as well.

Ruben moved too place twelve and Robby managed to climb on the fifteenth overall rank.
Robby was most pleased by his performance: “This time I was able to hold my ground and mange to stay with some big shots like the Spaniard Hermida, Dutch Champion Van der Heide and Fluckinger from Switzerland riding for place nine.
I lost this group after I made a minor shifting mistake and did lose some time in the final downhill. However I look forward to the Cross country Race, and with a formal race track inspection I think that I will not lose an inch in the downhill sections. My climbing is now on the same level as the top-ten from today, so that motivates me a lot for a nice result tomorrow!”

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