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The Les Lacs De L'Eau d'Heure Region was the setting for the Belgian National Mountain Bike championships.
With many big shots at the participating, like Sven Nys, Kevin Van Hoofels and 2012 champion Kevin Van Hovels the spectators were in for an exciting race. The race would be affected by the tropical conditions of 96.8 Fahrenheit.

Also in the Men Under 23 category it looked as if it was going to give some spectacle with no one less at the start than World Cup winner Jens Schuermans and Ruben Scheire.
The Feenstra Felt p/b Kenda Team presented Robby de Bock in the Men elite race and Ruben Scheire in the Men U23 race. All riders could make themselves up for a touch 8-lap race in the most southern part of Belgium.
The start of the Elite Men pack went orderly. De Bock took the initiative and led the peloton over the first 2 climbs. At the 3th uphill Jonas de Backer, overtook de Bock and forced the first breakaway group of 5. In round two this was a group with Nys, De Backer, Pauwels, Meeuwsen and Van Hoovels got a 15 second gap on de Bock.
Towards the 4th round this group thinned more and more. Nys made a run for it and behind him a solid fight flare up for the remaining podium places. Eventually Tom Meeuwsen managed to get 2nd place and knew Jonas de Backer narrowly for Robby to finish. Bock (4th)
In the men U23 Race things went as accepted. In the 1th round (of 8) a small group of 4 riders forced a breakaway and continued building their time margin. This quartet of; Jeff Luyten, Jens Schuermans, Bart de Vocht and Ruben Scheire where together until Bart made a run for in in the 5th lap.
Schuermans could not cope with the temperatures neither with this strong pace, so he had to let the 3 fellow riders go.

Now also Luyten went, trying to get to de Vocht but did not succeeded. Eventually it was Scheire who had the most serious counter attack and closed the gap on de until 8 seconds. In the final kilometers uphill and whit some technical passages he could the gap, and took the initiative.
In the final climb towards the finish both leaders where still together and had to sprint for victory.
It was de Vocht who won by one meter.

"Today I lost Gold rather than won silver. I have probably waited too long to tide over de Vocht his margin. With these hot temperatures I tried to ride on save modus by keeping below my heartbeat tipping point. This way I was certain to ride a strong final. Even though I am let down by the result I’m happy to see my condition is excellent for next week’s world Cup in Andorra.” Said Ruben Scheire.

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